Strictly Speaking: The Final

Another year, another bloated final that winds up being totally irrelevant to the results. At some point, Strictly bosses might need to look into that… For my money, of the last four, Ashley was the strongest dancer, Joe the most improved, Faye the best on the night, and Kevin, I mean Stacey, won. Err, yay?

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2 Responses to Strictly Speaking: The Final

  1. keledancer says:

    Thank you for another witty and wonderful season of SCD blogs. I haven’t watched the show in years; I just read you posts, then watch the occasional routine on YouTube. Your filtering works perfectly for me. 🙂

    And thank you for the review of Fiddler. I went to see it a few days later in order to have a much needed cathartic diasporatic cry. (I love making up adjectives!) I wasn’t the only one in the theatre sniffling during “Anetevka”…

    Hoping you are well and sending you best wishes for the holidays and 2019.



    • mkmswain says:

      You’re very welcome! Haha yes, I think a chunk of my blog readership no longer actually watches, so I try to write accordingly. 😉

      So glad you enjoyed the fab Fiddler – my xmas show of choice! Cathartic indeed, in the best possible way.

      Hope all’s well with you, and here’s to a fab-u-lous 2019!

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