Strictly Speaking: The Launch Show

I must begin on an earnest note: what a minor miracle it is to have this sliver of sequinned normality back on our screens. Thank you, thank you to everyone on Team Strictly whose tireless work allowed us to forget all the ongoing nightmares of this year, and instead focus on important matters such as whether Karen Hauer and Jamie Laing were matched by hairstyle alone, and whether Bill Bailey is in fact a stealth Fred Astaire. Welcome back, Strictly, and all who sail in her! Please never leave us again.

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3 Responses to Strictly Speaking: The Launch Show

  1. keledancer says:

    Yay! Marianka’s Strictly reviews are back! My bright light as the days grow shorter and the darkness longer.

    For years now I have watched the show through your eyes and reviews, definitely the best viewing option. I learn all I need to know, including which performances to check out in YouTube.

    Big laugh-out-loud: Jacqui Smith: “cannot move, not even a little bit.”

    As I no longer live in the UK, I miss M&S and walking on the towpath song the Thames. But the best dose of UK homesickness cure is reading your Strictly reviews.

    Thank you.

    Sending you best wishes, Kele

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  2. Hello – I always love your Strictly posts but tried to follow the link to Dancing Times on multiple occasions and it has not worked. You might want to check whether the link is broken.
    Thanks for your witty and incisive posts – really appreciated!

    All best wishes
    Michaela Morgan
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