Swimming pool tale unafraid to tackle horror in deep end

Archimedes' Principle picA kiss is an innocent thing. So claims Brandon, the swimming coach accused of inappropriate contact, but in Josep Maria Miró i Coromina’s unsettling Archimedes’ Principle at Park Theatre, innocence is constantly reframed by context.

Are we more likely to believe Brandon before or after hearing his unsavoury comments, or witnessing a locker search, or learning about the paedophilic incident at a local youth centre? ‘One issue has nothing to do with the other,’ protests Brandon – except, of course, that it does.

Coromina’s non-linear play, translated by Dustin Langan, spins conflicting narratives as it loops around. It demonstrates there’s no such thing as an unbiased view, and offers timely commentary on privacy rights, institutional loyalty and trial by social media.

Read my full Islington Gazette review here

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