Strictly Speaking: the grand final

Strictly Come DancingThe Series 11 final featured four exciting, contrasting couples and was genuinely impossible to call, making it a gripping watch through both shows. Well, apart from the recaps, the recaps of the recaps, the extended retrospective, the “J word” tales, the manufactured clips and the neverending Christmas special trailer. Really, there’s a point at which it becomes insulting to call it “live”. Groundhog Day had fewer repeats.

Speaking of which, Musicals Week and Blackpool Week dominated the repeated dances, the former more effectively, as those routines had built-in razzmatazz and crowd appeal, while the latter naturally felt slightly less spectacular without the giant floor and unbeatable atmosphere of Tower Ballroom. Perhaps we should petition the BBC to return the final to Blackpool?

In other news:
• No Claudia (sad face) and Bruce on particularly doddery form. Surely it’s time we gently transition from him to someone else, like… oh hey, Claudia! Len agrees. 
• There’s clearly some kind of Samson correlation between dancing and hair – nearly all the female ex-contestants had theirs cut off after leaving. No word on whether the wardrobe department have refashioned the chopped locks into “subtle hems” for next year.

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