Strictly Speaking Week 5

Strictly Come Dancing dave salsaThis week on Strictly Come Casualty, Craig’s hip op gifted him a giant Bond villain sparkly throne, a garbled Bruce seemingly dipped into Craig’s meds, and from among the assorted dance injuries emerged a clutch of wildly confused dances. Has Fusion Week come early? From Spanish sambas to Vienneso dobles, with a dose of furniture removals, Week 5 felt like the choreography version of a jumble sale. Len’s “no more messin’ abaht” order was perfectly fair, but whether it can actually be obeyed and/or enforced during Halloween Madness Week remains to be seen…

Best in Show

  • Best performance: Natalie’s samba Proof that you don’t need gimmicks to wow, just great technique. And an explosion in the pink ruffles factory
  • Best costume: Karen’s five-a-day hair Closely rivalled by Darcey’s giant pick n mix earrings
  • Best move: Dave’s maraca shaking Either he was deliberately trying to find an acid jazz offbeat, or he mistook them for salt and pepper grinders. Honestly, the wobbly table has more musicality
  • Best line: Bruno’s “It’s hard being a maneater. I can do it.” Ah, Bruno

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