Strictly Speaking Week 4

Strictly Come Dancing susanna kevin samba week 4Week 4 mercifully spared us an official theme, but Len-lovers might well it christen it Messin’ Abaht Week. The VT field trips grew increasingly pointless, training footage increasingly elusive, and the routines and music choices increasingly bizarre. No wonder Bruno fell off his chair in a fit of mild hysteria.

It could have been a total scoring bloodbath, but the judges instead displayed Roman emperor levels of capriciousness, deciding, on a whim, which content/technique-lite dances to pardon or wildly overmark and which to throw to the lions. Sometimes, that frustrating inconsistency came within the scoring for one contestant, as with Mark’s 3 from Craig and 8 from Len and Darcey. Or perhaps poor Craig was just suffering from hip (hop) pain. There you go, Bruce. You can have that one for free.

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