Strictly Speaking: launch show

Strictly Come DancingIt’s back! Forget X Factor, forget Stepping Out, if you can (my eyes! Oh, my eyes!), for Strictly Come Dancing, the real star of Saturday-night entertainment, has returned, and it’s as joyously deranged as ever. 

We have a new studio (lovely big floor), new celebs (ish) and, following the pro dancer mass exodus, new chiselled bodies to alternately titillate and depress us. BURNING QUESTION: will the addition of more pro couples (Karen and Kevin, Aljaz and Janette) mean fewer pro-celeb showmances, or more complex ones with exciting potential for Brendan/Natasha/Camilla-esque home wreckage?

The launch show, of course, is all about intriguing pairings: who will form this series’ perfect partnerships, and who will be hilariously mismatched? Well, with a dubious level of fame on the contestant side and a host of new faces on the pro side, this was less Celebrity Blind Date and more, well, Blind Date, making it hard to separate the winners from the cannon fodder at this stage, but I think the Strictly gods were mainly fair to all concerned.

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