Law and disorder

My-Daughters-TrialThe legal world has always been a tempting source for dramatists, with its high stakes, opposing narratives, shocking twists, theatrical arguments and compelling conflicts building to a thrilling climax.

Jabine Chaudri’s site-specific My Daughter’s Trial, relocated from the Soho Theatre to Browns Courtrooms, is at its best when it makes full use of that genre, but unfortunately shoehorns in a complex domestic plot as well, and, in a stuffed 90 minutes, doesn’t have time to do either justice.

What makes this particularly frustrating is that Chaudri shows potential to offer a unique perspective on both the intricacies and occasional absurdities of English law (Chaudri is a pseudonym for practising special needs education barrister Gulshanah Choudhuri) and the clash of cultural and generational expectations faced by contemporary British Muslims.

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